What is the next step?

I haven’t published any new release for long time, but I never stopped to work on JAME. I’m working on a plug-in to support images generated with the ContextFree grammar, but it is not yet ready to be released. In last months I did a lot of maintenance of the source code and I removed dependencies from JAI and JMF. I replaced them with FreeImage4Java and FFmpeg4Java, which are Java wrappers of the popular libraries FreeImage and FFmpeg. I never wanted to include native code in JAME but, because the lack of video codecs and graphics formats in Java SE, I decided to integrate these native libraries. JAME will be platform dependent now, but I want to support the most popular operating systems, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. I planned to release a new version of JAME, which includes these changes, before the end of February.

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