JAME is an application for creating fractals and other graphics artifacts. JAME is written in Java language, with some native code to accelerate encoding of videos and images. JAME has a real-time, multi-threaded graphics engine with layers, filters, effects, a lot of formulas, and parameters. JAME supports operations such as continuous zoom of Mandelbrot and Julia sets, rotation and color shifting. JAME has also advanced features such as networked computation and scripting. You can take photos of your fractals or record movies from your exploration paths. Photos and movies are stored in a database to be rendered in high resolution and exported to a file. JAME can be extended by plug-ins which provide fractals, formulas, filters, effects and more. JAME is free software licensed under GPL.


JAME is a project hosted by SourceForge. Download it from file releases (source code is available as separate download). JAME requires Java SE version 1.6 or later (version 1.5 or later is also OK on Mac OS X). For better performances, a modern PC with a multi-core 64bit CPU and 1Gb or more of RAM is required.

Do you need help?

Start reading the tutorials on this website. For more instructions, read the file README included in the package. For example files, look at examples directory (drag and drop files in the visualization window, or import them in the clips library). For images, look at gallery or buy the book Fractal Collection, Volume 1. For any problems, open a ticket in the bug tracker.